Learn The Law 5 Left Turn Lane


Too many crashes happen (or almost happen) daily due to incorrect use of the center turn lane. A center left-turn lane is a single lane in the middle of a road that is used for cars that are TURNING LEFT from either direction. This lane is only for the purpose of turning left - it is not a driving lane, an acceleration lane or a passing lane.

27-51-309. Center left-turn lane


As used in this section, "center left-turn lane" means a center lane on any road or highway that is for the purpose of executing two-way left turns in either direction and that is so marked by signage or striping.


  1. A center left-turn lane shall be for the exclusive use of a left-turning vehicle in either direction.
  2. A center left-turn lane shall not be used for through travel, nor shall a center left-turn lane be used for passing or overtaking, except as a part of the left-turn maneuver.


It is permissible for a vehicle making a left-hand turn from an intersecting street or driveway to utilize a center left-turn lane as part of the maneuver to gain access to or to merge into the traffic lanes, except that it is not permissible to use the center left-turn lane as an acceleration lane.

*Excerpt from: #learnthelawtuesdays


Arkansas State Police Highway Safety Offce