Ped Bike Safety What Can I Do

What can I do?

As A Motorist

commit to being alert and sharing the road with both pedestrians and bicycles. Be patient at intersections or if a bicycle is using your lane. DRIVE with Care—Get There!

  • DRIVE ALERT. Avoid distractions and using devices.
  • WATCH OTHERS. Other travelers have the right to use the roadway.
  • SLOW DOWN. Give yourself time to react in case of an incident.

Did you know there is a Friendly Driver Certification Program in Little Rock?
Check it out here.

As A Cyclist

be visible and ride alert. Yield to pedestrians at crosswalks and always maintain control of your bicycle.

  • OBEY TRAFFIC LAWS. A lack of a motor doesn’t exempt you from getting a ticket.
  • RIDE WITH TRAFFIC. It’s the law, plain and simple. Ride on the right for everyone’s safety.
  • STAY IN CONTROL. Never ride under the influence, unless you want a DUI.

As a Pedestrian

give extra attention to your surroundings on busy roadways and intersections. Just because you have the right of way does not protect you from danger.

  • USE THE CROSSWALK. It’s your safest option.
  • HEAD UP, EYES OPEN. Have visual confirmation from others that they see you.
  • BE VISIBLE. Avoid wearing black and wear reflective clothing when possible.
Don’t add to the statistics—Safely Share the Road.

Read More Info: Visit here SHARE THE ROAD

Campaign funded by the Arkansas State Police Highway Safety Office
and created by ARDOT.