If you text while driving, you are ____ times more likely to be involved in a crash.

  • 5
  • 10
  • 15
  • More than 20

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"Click It or Ticket” - Strict Statewide Enforcement Operation Underway

An observational survey conducted across Arkansas during 2014 indicates that one out of every four motorists in Arkansas is not using a seat belt.  The use of seat belts by Arkansas motorists stands at 74% compared to a national average ... Read More »

Stepped-Up Statewide Enforcement Plan Aimed at Drivers Violating Texting Law

State Troopers and local law enforcement officers will be watching more closely in the coming days for drivers who violate the Arkansas texting law.  The statewide crackdown by law enforcement officers is scheduled for April 13th – 19th and is ... Read More »

Law Enforcement Crackdown on Drunk Driving Set for Labor Day Holiday

For many Arkansans the Labor Day holiday is an extended weekend that includes backyard cookouts and celebrations enjoyed with friends and family. Unfortunately the holiday is often marred with tragedy and death caused by drunk drivers traveling across state roads and highways. Read More »

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Arkansas' Toward Zero Deaths program is a statewide awareness campaign led by a multi-agency partnership and supported by funding from the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration and the Federal Highway Administration. It is part of "Toward Zero Deaths: A National Strategy on Highway Safety," developed by a national coalition of traffic safety groups as a more organized and comprehensive way to address highway safety.